We Stand United In Support Of Full Funding Of Our Public Schools And In Opposition To Charters, Vouchers and the Privatization of Public Education

We're a non-partisan group of Washington State voters who strongly support the Washington Supreme Court ruling finding charters unconstitutional. We see charters as a tactic to defund and attack public schools and we are absolutely opposed to any legislative plans or "fixes" to revive charters and skirt the ruling of our state's highest court.

We Stand United In Support Of These Core Principles:

  1. Parent And Taxpayer Control Of Our Local Public Schools
  2. Freely Elected, Non-Appointed, Local Public School Boards
  3. Full Funding Of Our Public Schools
  4. Complete Compliance With Supreme Court Decisions On School Funding And Charters  
  5. Adequate Time For Lunch, Recess, Music, Art, Physical Education And Other Student Needs
  6. Respect And Support For Our Children's Educators
  7. Education Alternatives And Innovations For All Students Needing Them
  8. Student Data Privacy
  9. Professionally Trained and Certified Teachers
  10. Standardized Testing Related To School Curriculum, As Needed For Student Progress 


We Stand United In Opposition To The Following:

  1. Charters And Vouchers
  2. Legislative Refusal To Fully Fund Our Public Schools
  3. Privatization Or Private Control Of Public Schools
  4. Defiance Of The Supreme Court Decisions On School Funding And Charters 
  5. City, County, State Or Federal Control Of Public Schools
  6. High Stakes, Corporate-Driven, One Size Fits All Standardized Testing
  7. Common Core And SBAC
  8. Release Of Student Data Without Prior Consent
  9. Inadequately Trained "Teachers" With No Certification 
  10. Standardized Testing Designed To Benefit Private Interests And Punish Students, Teachers, and Schools